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Cars that didn't make it!

TVR Sagaris image

TVR Sagaris

Make it safe? No! That just encourages drivers to take risks.

Unipower GT image

Unipower GT

The fork-lift company that built it lost money then interest. Or the other way round.

Vignale Gamine image

Vignale Gamine

Too small even for Noddy, it bankrupted the manufacturer.

AC 3000ME image

AC 3000 ME

Six years between it being launched and cars being ready for sale, by which time it was out of date.

Isotta-Fraschini 8C Monterosa image

Isotta-Fraschini 8C Monterosa

Luxurious and twice the price of it's nearest competitors, it was launched into postwar frugality. Doomed from the start.

Austin A90 Atlantic image

Austin A90 Atlantic

Too British for American tastes, too American for British motorists.

Maybach 62 image

Maybach 62

All the charm of an over-expensive funeral car.

Josse Indigo 3000 image

Josse Indigo 3000

An attempt to produce sensible sports cars based on sensible Volvo parts. Their sensible bank pulled the plug and they went bust.

Jehle Super Saphier image

Jehle Super Saphier

Only one of the three they built was sold - I wonder why.

Bugatti EB 110 image

Bugatti EB 110

One step too far for a multi millionaire. At least he was one before he built this car.

AMC Pacer image

AMC Pacer

A short, fat, flying fishbowl. How could it possibly fail?

Chrysler TC

Mix the worst of Chrysler with the worst of Maserati and lose hundreds of millions of dollars on it. Pure genius.