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Hello and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Dave Hamlett, and my office address is 4 Admiral Way, Doxford International Business Park, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XW.

I am not a car expert but a semi-retired historian with a burning interest in Greek, Roman and Byzantine history. Boring subjects to many people but to me absolutely fascinating! I still love old cars though. The history of motoring reads like a top thriller, with great ambitions, skullduggery, foul practices, enormous sacrifices, bravery, incompetence, and all other kinds of human behaviour - all in pursuit of creating a means of transporting us from A to B.

I put this site together in the hope that others will gain some pleasure from it, and also because it may fire up some imaginations and encourage others to delve further into what I feel is a fascinating history.

If you want to chat about cars in general, suggest additions to my site or point out any errors (yes I am sure there are some) please do get in touch. I can be contacted at davehamlett (at) Just substitute the '( at )' for '@' and it should reach me OK. Sorry if this sounds complex but it stops low life spammers with automated email address grabbers from filling my inbox with tricks to defraud me, offers of sharing in their ill-gotten millions in exchange for my bank details, or attemps to get me to claim compensation for some imaginary accident that wasn't my fault. The Internet is a wonderful place but it has some dark corners.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and happy motoring.